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Pure Sage makes fashionable, reusable tote bags designed for everyday living. All of our products are made from recycled plastic bottles, many of which would otherwise find their way into landfills and our precious oceans.

Our mission is to help replace single-use plastic without sacrificing style!

All of our products are machine washable and built to last. And, when you consider that just one bag can replace up to 500 single-use plastic bags every single year, you can appreciate the significant impact your purchase will have on our planet.


How plastics affect sea turtles ‚Äď Bee's Wrap


Behind the Scenes: Pure Sage is a female-owned company and all of our bags are manufactured by a female-owned business in the country of Jordan. A portion of all profits will support female entrepreneurship in under-resourced communities.

Wholesalers: To inquire about placing a wholesale order, please email our team at hello@puresagebags.com.