Made from

100% Recycled Plastic

Pure Sage makes fashionable, reusable tote bags designed for everyday living. All of our products are made from recycled plastic bottles, many of which would otherwise find their way into landfills and our precious oceans.

Did You Know?

Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, that equals roughly 300 plastic bags per person per year. These plastic bags take decades to decompose, and never fully do, instead becoming micro-plastics that continue to pollute the environment.

You may not have a compost pile out back or an electric vehicle, but every one of us can eliminate single-use plastic and paper bags with just a little effort.

Recycled, Sustainable & Stylish

Pure Sage bags are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET), which requires 50% less energy to produce than virgin polyester and, in the process, diverts plastic bottles destined for our landfills and oceans.

Our goal is not only to reduce single-use plastic waste, but to do our part to remove it from the environment as well. Pure Sage bags make it easy to say "no" to single-use plastic in your daily life.

Our Sustainability Commitment
Building A sustainable Brand

Meet the Founder

Pure Sage's founder, Lee Flanagan, is a 3rd generation female business owner focused on Social Entrepreneurship. Lee long dreamed of starting a mission-driven business that would be financially viable while also having a positive societal impact. 



Lee was initially introduced to the reusable bag market as an Angel Investor and, in the long days of the pandemic, Lee’s research discovered that there were limited options in the high-fashion, high-quality reusable bag space. 

Pure Sage was born. The mission was simple: design, manufacture, and sell beautiful bags that would feel great and inspire consumers who are trying to live more sustainably but who do not want to give up their sense of style. Lee’s first order of business was finding fashionable, modern patterns for her fabric and she luckily lived close to NYC’s garment district and its talented graphic designers. She decided on two maiden collections, Indigo and Pink.  The Indigo collection was inspired by Lee’s love of all things blue and white and the fabrics she has in her own home. The Pink collection was inspired by Lee’s adult daughter whose favorite color is pink, and who wanted and loved the patterns.

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